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Sometimes the problem is not that there is no time to travel, but that there is no time to plan it. We are always in a hurry, and we can not slow down and take the time to plan our vacations. But you are lucky, you have us. Save time and use our service.

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Discover new cultures and have a wonderful rest with Backpack Story! Select the country you’d like to visit and provide our agents with estimated time – they’ll find and offer the most suitable tours and hotels.
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Discover new cultures and have a wonderful rest with Backpack Story! Select the country you’d like to visit and provide our agents with estimated time – they’ll find and offer the most suitable tours and hotels.
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Discover new cultures and have a wonderful rest with Backpack Story! Select the country you’d like to visit and provide our agents with estimated time – they’ll find and offer the most suitable tours and hotels.
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An Amazing Vacation on A Budget?

Do you wish you could get away from it all, but you don’t believe you can afford it? We’ve got good news: you can! But first, you’ll need to understand how to save enough for a getaway. Whether you want to unwind on a peaceful beach or let the kids loose at a theme park, you’ll need to budget for expenses. A once-in-a-lifetime vacation does not have to be a utopian dream. However, with thorough study, changes, and careful planning, you can have a fantastic holiday while staying within your budget. Consider using the strategies here to plan a budget friendly vacation today and start making lifelong memories.

Define Your Priorities

It would help if you first determined the priorities of your trip before you begin sifting through pamphlets or searching online. If you’re inadequate to settle for anything less than a first-rate vacation, you’ll probably have to save up before spending. On the other hand, if your primary objectives are to immerse yourself in another culture, study more about heritage, or rest for a few days, you can most likely achieve these objectives on a limited budget.

Set a Travel Budget

Planning a trip without a strategy in mind can be costly. It’s difficult not to be enticed by low-cost flights, online hotel ratings, and numerous attractions – yet you could wind yourself overspending without realizing it. However, you may evaluate where you have any wiggle space (if any) for a vacation by reviewing your current personal expenditure and taking your resources, fixed spending, and variable costs into account.

Plan in Advance

Start arranging your trip as early as possible to save money in the long term. Hotels and rental cars and trains may be more likely to give a decent rate if you book ahead of schedule. This is especially crucial if you’re taking a vacation during a busy season, such as the summertime, since kids are off from school.

Meal Plan to Avoid Dining Out for Every Meal

Dining out for every meal over vacation is one of the fastest ways to burn through a budget. The expense of beverages and drinks for a large family can quickly deplete a travel budget. But, add in evening refreshments and dinners for the vacation length, and you’ve spent a good fortune. If you schedule your lodgings with meal preparation in mind, you can choose a place with a kitchen, which would save you money down the road. Other than that, you can look for deals where the hotel provides at least one meal of the day without any additional costs. You’ll be surprised to find out how many places offer such budget-friendly deals.

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How To Stay

Healthy While Traveling?

Nothing is worse than going on vacation and falling sick. You’ve been saving and planning your trip for a long time. Then, finally, the most awaited day approaches, and you reach your destination, only to become ill a day later! And the party goes on without you while you stay in your room waiting to feel better. Being sick isn’t fun at all. However, if you fall sick while on vacation, you are throwing your money on a trip that you will not be able to enjoy. As a result, it is critical to maintain good health while traveling. Nevertheless, with so much enticement during the vacations, it is easy to get caught up in unhealthy behaviors. As a result, we’ve developed a list of the ten best strategies for healthy traveling hacks. Some of these are obvious, but a reminder never hurts.

Stay Hydrated

Because your body comprises over 60% water, being hydrated is essential to living your healthiest lifestyle. Dehydration is prevalent while traveling. This is because the humidity on a plane is no more than half that in your home. This makes it relatively easy for your body to dehydrate and make you tired and weak. Staying hydrated is essential for safe travel, especially when flying. The mucous membranes of your nose are a core element of your body’s natural protection against infectious agents. However, dehydration and low humidity can dehydrate nasal passages, making you more vulnerable to other passengers’ flu-laden coughs.

Research Doctors and Clinics At Your Destination

You never know when, why and where you might need to visit a doctor. So before booking your hotel, check nearby places where you can receive first aid. Additionally, keep an eye out for a doctor’s clinic and pharmacy store where you can get essential OTC medicines.

Consider Taking Vitamins or Supplements

It would take a lot of time to discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each vitamin and supplement. So instead, everything from herbs to iron is suggested as something you should include. If you take any vitamins regularly, make sure to carry them with you and stick to your usual routine. This ensures healthy traveling using probiotics and keeps you fit and full of energy.

Don’t Forget to Workout Daily

It is simple to follow a regimen at home. You may not even have access to a fitness center while on vacation. Put on your backpack and walk the 1-2 miles to your hotel. You’ll explore more, save money by not catching a bus or taxi, and stay in shape. Instead of going through a city in a car, strolling through it allows you to experience everything up close. You can walk everywhere! It is an excellent way of keeping in shape.

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